H54F! {edition 3}

1. Blank space update: Thank you everyone for your input! Like most of you, I do still think that the tapestry idea is the best solution. However, I don't want to commit to buying (or buying the supplies to DIY) one until I've found my tapestry soul-mate. In the mean time, I happened to find this post at Little Gold Pixel. She has a series of printable roundups curated as gallery walls that I don't have to think about. I went through the posts, grabbed the ones I liked, mixed in a easy watercolour (I have a couple more waiting to dry before I hang them up), and also hung a small poster from Paperchase (which I can't find online). They're all hung with poster putty and framed with washi tape (also from Paperchase) so I can move them around or relocate them completely to a different wall if I want. 

Printable Gallery Wall

I'm also on the lookout for a nice plant that won't hate my green thumb to go into the corner, per Victoria's suggestion. I've seen a lot about fiddle leaf figs, and I know for a fact IKEA sells them. Suggestions are welcome. Although, I'd prefer suggestions on the cheap at least before I get a job. 

2. I've taught myself to weave. I was inspired this past summer when my friend came to visit and we got a whole explanation of traditional woven tapestries at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum but this recent tutorial from the Nectar Collective inspired me to try it at home, especially since I have all the materials already. But in true Sara fashion, I didn't realise her's was only 3.5 x 5 inches, and my cardboard is 10 x 12 so it's going a bit.. slower... than expected. But it's something productive to keep me busy while wasting time on Netflix.

4. Speaking of which, Gilmore Girls is finally over. I understand now why I never watched the last two seasons. No spoilers for those who have never seen it before, but it definitely felt like it got tedious. They were trying to hard to keep it quirky, and the characters started doing things their character wouldn't do and it just, well, you get the point. Anyway, inspired by Victoria's post ("I've Finished Gilmore Girls, Now What?") decided to not get committed to any more series at the moment. I certainly haven't given up any shows, but just not any that I won't be able to quit so hopefully that both increases productivity and gives me a bit more purpose again. Unemployment doesn't have to be a waste of time, ultimately. I truly don't believe I'll be on my death bed saying "If only I had finished The Good Wife my life would be complete!" but most likely the opposite. Time to stop wasting time, amiright?

5. Honesty hour: I only made it through half the month on the Blogilates beginner calendar. Even that was a struggle. Going from no fitness to fitness every day was challenging, but especially because at that point some of the shorter, more advanced workouts get thrown into the rotation and quite frankly I have major issues if I can't finish a workout because I'm confused as to what is even happening. I got majorly discouraged and gave up. However, since then I've tried to get on track with some other types of motivation. 

Now that its started to get a bit less frigid cold here (highs of around 50F instead of 30...) I've taken to getting myself outside a bit more and I even joined a beginner's spin class! The first class was BAD. Not anything to do with the instructor or anything, but being new to the whole thing I didn't really know what to expect and forgot my water (WHY???), and ended up getting really dizzy near the end. I wasn't the first to quit though, the guy next to me actually had to go throw up (it was his first time too). However, I still went back the next week with ridiculous padded shorts and a water bottle in hand and while I felt like death at the end and while I had to sit sometimes when we should be standing I still made it through. This past week I was able to last full songs and push myself harder on the sprints. I really enjoy being able to feel improvement, even if I can't see it on the scale. 

via: Buzzfeed's 17 Times Fitspiration Was Wrong (So We Fixed It)

On that note, I realised that Pinterest definitely plays a part in both positive and negative image. I think I may save my thoughts for a full post later, but this photo (along with the rest in this Buzzfeed article) pretty much sums up how I feel.

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