I've got a blank space, baby...

See what I did there with the post title? Clever, no? Anyway. Since we moved into the new apartment, I've been basically reorganising things (mainly the living room) weekly. I'm used to apartments in the US with big blank walls that pretty much give you a pre-made layout. Well, after making poor R move the furniture what seems like 50 times, I've finally found a living room layout that's both functional and pretty appealing. The problem is, the one big blank wall we have is on the side that houses the small dining table, and I've got no idea what to do with the wall. Leaving it blank seems like a  complete waste, but we don't have the money to get a proper piece of art to fit and of course it's a rental, so painting isn't an option.

the wall in question. ignore the fact that we also need a printer stand, or a new place for the printer entirely. this is real life. 

I've been scouring Pinterest for dorm decor because it seems to be the only way to find options that don't reconstruct the wall entirely. I thought a tapestry would look great, but have you tried finding one that wouldn't prompt the police to search your house for hallucinogenics? Me either. So what's a girl to do? Well, create her first inspiration board of course! 

I'd like to go for an eclectic vibe to spice up the furniture already here (most of the apartments here come furnished whether you like it or not). However, since R's friends tend to stop in regularly I don't want it to get too feminine or too crazy. The picture I have in my mind includes some kind of simple textured tapestry, but another option is to DIY something completely different. Let's keep in mind I have a minimal budget and minimal resources though.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Of course, I found the most inspiration for patterns from Target (which I can't get here) and in objects that I can't actually hang on the wall. However, they serve as fantastic inspiration. The DIY options are pretty random as well. As yarn is pretty easy to procure, I like #4 the best, but I'd have to do it on a massive scale which could end up being more pricey than originally planned. I do love how it brings in the black with the bright colors though and would make our couches seem like they belong. The hexagons would be time consuming (but hey, may as well make the best of unemployment!) and I'd probably stick with the black but add in other colours instead of metallics. The macrame is definitely a valid option, although I was really hoping to do the same thing to cover a window on the other side. 

So what are your thoughts? Have any of you had a similar problem-- if so I'd love to hear the solution! Bonus points (and maybe even an Irish present) if someone can find me an amazon.co.uk tapestry option without an Indian (both the continent and the Native American kind) vibe in a reasonable price range. 

**Edited to add: Those gorgeous pillows you see there were commissioned from my friend Nadine who runs a lovely homewares business called Bolt & Boon, check out her Facebook here and if you find yourself in Belfast, stop by Studio Souk to check out more of her stuff as well as many other fabulous artists!

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