Stupid things I do even though I know better

+ // Buy the big bag of chips, although I know I can’t stop. (side eye at the empty cheese puffs bag)

+ // Listen to R when he says he will be home in an hour. I’m the first person he’s ever had to keep updated on his whereabouts, and for some reason he’s under the illusion that giving an arbitrary time frame is better than no time frame at all, even if I don’t ask for one. I’ve come to understand that a night out with the lads when I get a text saying “I’ll be home before 1” means “only start to worry if it’s daylight out”

+ // Stay in bed “to wake up slowly” after R has gone to work. No, I will fall back asleep, wake up some time around 10 not feeling any more rested, and have wasted the morning.

+ // On that note-- telling myself that “just one more” Gilmore Girls episode won’t hurt. That’s completely incorrect. One turns into 4 and before I know it I’m on season 6 and have done nothing productive, including showered and it’s 5pm. Oops.

+ // Furthermore-- look at Pinterest when I’m not looking for something specific. I may as well just mark “productivity” off the list of things to do today, although browsing other people’s productivity and creativity does make me feel mildly accomplished.

+ // Get very embarrassed when people point out my accent. I have a tendency to pick up the accent of whoever is around me, although I’m terrible at actually putting on accents. When I first moved to the Island people got very excited about my American accent and ask me to just talk, but now that I’ve moved down south I’ve been complimented tons on my “beautiful Belfast accent.” It was the worst when I was a flight attendant and flew with different crews every trip, I could come home sounding like anything from a Southern Bell to a Valley Girl.

+ // Click on all those “She put fresh cream in a blender, you’ll never guess what happens next!” posts on Facebook. I know what happens, she gets whipped cream. I’m always disappointed, but for some reason I do it anyway. Thank God Macs aren’t plagued with spammy popups as easily as PCs are.

+ // Have the extra cup of tea after 7. The caffeine in coffee doesn’t really have an effect on me, but for some reason tea of all kinds (sweet tea at home, hot tea with milk here) keeps me going for hours.

+ // Making sure I always have the last word in a disagreement. Doesn’t matter how insignificant it is, or if it will make everything worse. I MUST FINISH IT.

Writing this list has made me realize that my procrastination skills in my personal life are STRONG. Maybe I could include them on my resume?

What way do you combat your inner sloth?


  1. Great list! I need to be better about not sleeping in either lol
    Melanie @

    1. I need to find a morning person and figure out how in the world they do it!

  2. ugh, Gilmore Girls, right? In fact, right after I finish this comment... gonna go catch up! Don't know what I'll do with my life after I finish the series. ha!

    I didn't think any Irish people would get excited to hear an American accent but I guess it goes both ways, right? I'm pretty good at distinguishing the different accents in the UK but still am clueless about Ireland's accents.

    And yep, those procrastination skills definitely need to make it to the resume. ;)

  3. How far along with GG are you? I noticed a definite change in pace with season 6... it may be hard to push through but I'm the same, I'll be on the lookout for another light-hearted series!

    Not only do they have different accents for different cities here, but it also varies within the city as well! For Belfast I can pretty much tell if they're from North, South, East, West, or right outside. Everyone here now sounds like leprechauns to me though! (Don't tell them I said that!!)

    1. I'm at the end of season 6 right now! The episode where Lorelai takes care of Emily after her laser surgery. I feel so connected to all the characters now haha.

      Oooh, that's interesting to hear that about the different accents. I had no idea!

  4. Replies
    1. It's both a blessing and a curse! Oh one hand, it could make the argument worse... on the other hand... well.. you won. Haha!

  5. I'm the same with staying in bed too long.. 'Just five more minutes won't hurt' Oops.
    Alex //

    1. Exactly! Then an hour later it's even harder to get out.