On the subject of pants

While I was looking for different decorations and style inspirations for our new apartment, I stumbled upon this print that I LOVE AND MUST HAVE.

source: Jenna Kutcher
However, I face a conundrum. During my time on this lovely emerald isle I've caught on pretty easily to the colloquialisms, but there are a couple Americanisms I still have that always catch people off-guard. The main one is the word "pants." In my simple American brain, pants are anything other than denim that you put on your legs, over your undies. Yoga pants, sweatpants, work pants... all these make sense with my definition. The only that doesn't? Underpants. The problem lies in that one word. On this side of the Atlantic the term "pants" is only used in reference to your undies. This makes some reactions to statements I've made over the past year or so much more understandable, but awkward.

For example:

 If a new friend is coming over and you say "just text me when you're on your way so I know to put on pants?" Totally TMI.

Exclaiming "pants off dance off" at a party give people the idea that you're an exhibitionist. 

Calling someone a "fancy-pants?" You are far too interested in their undergarments. 

You know, I've pretty much mastered the rest of the vocabulary. I'm getting used to different accents, I can switch from fries to chips with ease (and scones are savoury while biscuits are sweet instead of the other way around). I say "cheers" without thinking twice about it, we wear jumpers when its cold, and my boyfriend annually shops for football boots-- not soccer cleats. However, "pants" is the one word I just can't shake but gets me the most odd looks, what gives? 


  1. haha, it is an odd word when you think about it!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  2. Hahha I love that sign but could totally see the confusion. I think that is all the more reason to keep it up!

    1. it's totally the way i'm leaning. I just love it more and more each day!

  3. I love that you keep on saying pants! You should hold onto that lol! That quote is perfect!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com