Happy Blogday

Well, not the anniversary of my birth, but happy days for the birth of this blog!

I’ve had ‘blogs’ before (what’s up, LiveJournal?) but they’ve always fallen to the wayside, or they were started before blogging really picked up and I lacked sufficient inspiration and more importantly, motivation.

Despite my daily thoughts for the past couple years about what I want to write and what I can offer up to readers, I still haven’t settled (and may never settle) on a niche. Until that time comes, I plan to post anything from life as an American expat living in Ireland (oh, did I forget to mention that? Maybe it’s time to link to my About Me page) to Pinterest attempts gone horribly wrong (and occasionally right).

So welcome, one and all, and please bear with me while I adjust and find my own little cozy spot on this thing we call the internet.