Trying to look at the bright side of life...

Yes, yes, it's far too early into this blog to have a lack of motivation, but I can say that during the past week I've been off my game in all aspects (unfortunately the blog is the part that was neglected the most). My personal lack of productivity got the best of me and left me procrastinating even getting out of bed, though in my defence it's a very warm bed and very cold outside of it.

Over the weekend, we took a quick trip back up to Belfast were I got to catch up with some friends, eat very good food, and watch Birdman, which I still don't know how I feel about. I think I'd be raving about it if it had ended about 15 minutes before it actually did, but who can really tell.

A little friendly ambiance
Nothing like a steak among friends for a good night
Although I'm pretty sure the main wording was professional and meant to look like graffiti, I still liked it. Sorry for the blur.

Tacos from Boojum make everything better.
Monday put a huge damper on things though, as we got up early to make the drive back down and stop and get my stamp to officially enter the Republic of Ireland (there's no border control between Northern Ireland and the Republic, which makes things a bit more difficult to switch from a UK to ROI visa) and I was given very conflicting information from quite a few people and went home very confused and empty handed. Around 6pm I got a call back from the first person who seemed to actually understand what I was asking, but it's still not solved. I won't go into more detail (but if you've got questions you're welcome to email and ask!), and hopefully this will all be sorted by the end of the week. It's just frustrating when you try to go about things the right way and no one seems to want to help.

The sunrise on our drive down was lovely. I'll always be a tourist, really.

In any case, I decided as a way to ease myself back on track, I'd make a short list of links I like. Everyone loves those posts, right? Let's pretend.So without further adieu, here are some things that make me happy:

+ Jo did a lovely post about how to pick wine that's oddly relevant in my head. I've discovered I might be allergic to red wine (flu like symptoms after anything more than a small glass-- damn you tannins!) and am trying to find a white wine similar to the Chardonnay I had during my 2012 trip to the Russian River Valley. It was like I was drinking liquid butter, and was the only white wine I've ever liked.

+ On the subject of food + drink, I've been really missing some American foods recently, and of course it's only the stuff that isn't so diet-friendly. Nonetheless, I'll be making some funfetti biscotti and some chik-fil-a nuggets. There actually isn't a week that goes by that R and I don't mention how much we miss Chik-fil-a!

+ DIY projects that may make the new apartment feel more like a home: tissue paper flower branches, paint chip art, and this colourful yarn hanging

This is so cool, but I'm pretty upset I didn't how about it when I lived in Atlanta. Next trip back, it will be booked!

+ I made this mug brownie and might now be deemed the best girlfriend ever. Just throwing that in there.

+ I can personally attest to a majority of the items on this New Orleans list, though I certainly haven't bought underage kids booze (I had to wait, so do you little jerks) and I've never intentionally fought a child for beads, so that one is debatable.

+ And if I ever really need cheering up and nothing else will work (not even a bit of pampering) there's always this song which makes me smile no matter what...


  1. I love these posts! The food looks so good!
    Melanie @

  2. Well I'm sure glad to see you getting back into posting again- I've missed your thoughts! Plus, I'm vicariously living through you so keep those Ireland photos coming! :)

    Btw, have you eaten at Supermacs in Ireland? I heard a lot about it before I visited and was sad that although I drove by it, I didn't have time to eat there. Is the food similar to Burger King?

    I've never yet tried Chick-fil-a... am I missing out? I don't even know if there's one near me...

    Oh! And I definitely need to make that cake in a mug brownie ASAP! Yummm!

    1. That's so sweet! I've never had Supermacs before, but they're opening one in my town along with a Papa Johns (strange idea to me... but I guess burgers and pizza make sense together?) and apparently they're basically only ones around here hiring. Go figure. I'll definitely have to try them out once they open and I'll get back to you on that!

      You're completely missing out on Chik Fil A. I think they're really only in the South East though, but there is one in the Atlanta airport so if you travel through there on your next adventure be sure to stop in. If nothing else, they have the best lemonade ON THE PLANET.

    2. Do not eat at Supermacs! I did it once,and never again!

  3. I meant to ask if you have found any nice white wines to recommend recently?

    1. I haven't found any yet, although that link helped me find some that were bearable (and by bearable I mean it took me two days instead of one to finish the bottle). I'm still looking for the brands you sent on!